Our history

Dasavena started in Grandma's kitchen over 30 years ago.

We invite you to know our history.

Dasavena's story

Dasavena started inspired by a granola recipe my mom made over 30 years ago. I am the fifth of 5 children and I am a designer. Before becoming a cook, I was (and still am) a passionate designer.

Between one job and another I decided to start this small company in the oven of my apartment 8 years ago. I cooked it myself 👩🏻‍🍳, I delivered it, I tasted it, I promoted it, and what I liked the most was the response of the people when trying it. They loved it and it seemed so different from everything on the market for one simple reason: it's completely homemade🏡. As if you prepared it yourself in your kitchen with all the natural and fresh ingredients🌾.

From my small oven in the department, I moved to a factory already in shape, I have gradually formed an incredible team and thanks to them and the preference of all of you, we have just moved to a new factory with greater capacity.
But yes, our artisan process remains intact: our granola is prepared one recipe at a time, mixed in a bowl, and then transferred to pans where they are slowly baked, stirring the granola constantly to achieve that golden color and crunchy texture that so much has fallen in love



Our recipe is homemade and is prepared by hand, but we have placed the greatest emphasis on giving you the highest quality products that you deserve.

For this reason, at Dasavena we work under the FSSC 22000 standards, a Food Safety Management System that guarantees that the processes we carry out ensure safety, food safety, traceability and quality throughout the supply chain of our products.

We do it because we want to earn your trust today and always!

Safety Policy

As part of the commitment to our customers, at Dasavena Gourmet we implement a Safety Management System based on the FSSC 22000 model, in addition to complying with the applicable legal requirements and those of our customers, to make our products a reliable food in their homes. .

We promote effective internal and external communication and the continuous improvement of our facilities, processes and personnel, through investments, maintenance and training.

Denisse Alvarez Scherb

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